Monday, June 25, 2018

When You're Bold In Prayer, You Can Rest

I decided to be bold in my prayers; I would pray about every situation especially the ones that troubled me or that appeared to be insignificant.

Then my laptop fell which distorted images that were displayed. The laptop that contains all my files and all my writings. The laptop that is central to my livelihood. As my laptop hit the floor, two things happened: my spirit sank, and then I remembered my pray declaration.

After spending a significant time worrying and beating myself up for this mishap, I stopped and I prayed something along these lines, "Lord I bring this laptop before you. You said we can come boldly to

Monday, June 18, 2018

Notes From My Daughter - In Times of Doubt, God Cares

Occasional notes from my second daughter a college graduate, at the cusp of the next stage of her life. I never know what to expect when she writes, but I am always blown away. Did this child come from me? Read on!

Do you believe that God cares even when it seems He doesn't?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Do You Have Clean Ears?

It's soothing for me to clean my ears with a hairpin, even though it's recommended that we place no foreign objects in our ears.  I like knowing my ears are clean;  I never want to miss what's directed at me.

When she was younger, one of my daughters suffered from wax buildup to the point where it was painful.  One Sunday afternoon I took her to urgent care since our regular doctor was not available.  The nurse on duty reminded me of Broom Hilda in appearance; she was sturdy and no-nonsense, and she was determined to get the wax out of my daughter's ear.  To do so, she literally pinned my child down with her body so that she was steady, and used a device that resembled a large crochet hook to remove a massive wad of wax.  This all happened so quickly I didn't have time to react or protest, but when she was done, I was relieved that my daughter was no longer in pain. By the end of that visit, we both resolved to be more vigilant with

Monday, June 4, 2018

Women of the Word - Michelle Cauley

I met Michelle when I participated in a workshop that Michelle hosted at our church's annual women's retreat. Michelle's demeanor is calm, knowledgeable and engaging. We participated in an exercise where we focused on who we are in Christ, regardless of our scars. This exercise allowed many to open up, share and connect on a deeper level. So impressed was I with this activity, that I spoke with her after that session. She's a busy lady, but after connecting and later interviewing, you, like me will be pleased to have met this month's Woman of the Word - Michelle Cauley.

Michelle Cauley