Book Me/Speaking

When I started this blog I envisioned sitting in a room with a bunch of women or men, sharing the topics that I write about.
As someone who loves to study the Bible and apply it to practical living, I would welcome the opportunity to speak at your small group, life group or Women's ministry meeting.

"Thank you so much for coming to our MOPS group on Wednesday. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the response from the women. So many hearts were touched by what you shared; it was so powerful and honest and we were tremendously blessed by our time with you!" - Kelly Hanighen-Lynch, MOPS Ventura

Please mail me at for a media kit. 


  1. Nylse, I always feel like I hear from a friend after I read your blog. It is my pleasure to nominate you for the blogger recognition award. I wrote about you in this post. Follow and read with this link. Blog on smart lady!

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