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My Best Marriage Advice provides common-sense advice for thriving in your marriage. Regardless of your stage, there's something in here for you, because marriage does not have to be complicated.

I'm excited; I'm nervous; I'm happy; I'm humbled. I never intended that my first book would be about marriage, but God saw fit to make it so. Just like we birth babies, God births dreams. I'm so glad this labor of love has come to fruition. Please check out My Best Marriage Advice on Amazon, and then leave a review when you're done.

This is an E-book that can be read on any electronic reader.

To hear more about why I wrote this e-book, check out this interview that features me.

A couple of years ago, during Easter, I started to read the events leading up to Jesus' death in the book of John. While these events are recounted in all four gospels, John's version reflects that he was the disciple whom Jesus loved; there's extra emotion in his version, and also John is the only one who captured the words Jesus spoke to His disciples the night before He would be crucified.

These words came at a time when it was night for the disciples - both figuratively and literally. Judas was identified and broke the fellowship, and it was also night (John 13:30). As I read and re-read Jesus' words at this time, I began to realize that what he said provides a framework for living this Christian life. It's as if Jesus summed up His entire ministry in these hours before His death. 

The disciples asked many questions, and He answered them all. Then He prepared their hearts and minds for what was to come, and finally, He prayed for them. 

Jesus' words at this time so resonated with me because we've all experienced dark times that seem to sneak up on us, yet the presence of Jesus is so near. The Comfort of Night is what the nearness of Jesus' presence provides.

I've weaved stories from my life as I share what Jesus words meant to the disciples and, in turn, us. I'm excited to share this book with you. You can purchase via this link.


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