Monday, March 25, 2019

Stick By Me, I'll Stick By You

I bought this figurine maybe seven years in, because of what it represents - longevity, closeness, contentment while still dancing and liking each other as each has changed. All of this ran through my mind when I initially saw it. Then there's this reggae song that we have danced and mouthed the words to. It makes us smile as we groove to the music.

I love you darling, and that's no lie, oh-oh
Stick by me, I'll stick by you
When you cry, I cry, too, oh-oh
Stick by me, and I'll stick by you
Remember my heart and my love belong to you, oh-oh
Stick by me, I'll stick by you

Recently, I've been singing this song because 30 years later I realized that we've stuck to each other. Yes, we have.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Thinking About What It Takes to Be Desperate For God

We don't need much to serve God - we need willing hearts and open minds, but as with most things we complicate it. Recently, it feels as if I'm spinning plates and failing miserably. As long as I have breath, I plan to live my life to the fullest with God's help. So there's new goals, new adventures, new tasks even at this stage of the game.

Sometimes I'm tired because if I'm honest, I thought by this point, certain things wouldn't matter. I thought contentment was acquiring the things I'd always wanted and planned for: good