Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreams of Writing

I love writing. I get an unnamable high when I'm writing, especially if it’s something that I think is inspired. My hands go very fast and my brain can't keep up with my hands. I love the feeling I get as I type what's in my brain. I like writing so much that I don't mind helping my college age students with their essays. In my mind, I'm performing the job of an editor. That's right, my dream job would be a magazine editor - probably an inspirational magazine like Guideposts or a women's magazine dealing with a range of women's issues - spirituality, sexuality, roles in society, raising children, what happens when our children aren't what we think they should be; and then fun stuff like hair, makeup and fashion. I could even be an editor of a technical magazine since by day I'm a Technical Writer.

My other aspiration is to be a devotional writer. For many years I have read Our Daily Bread and as I've grown and matured, I've felt that God has given me insight that would be beneficial to others.

I see how God is working in all of this - after all He made and wired me and gave me the gifts. Since I was young, I've wanted to be a writer. I used to say "I want to be an author,” since reading and writing go together like a hand and glove. I read because I love a great story, I'm intrigued by the author's mind, and I like to see how words and thoughts come together. I love when I'm reading a book and there comes a point in the middle of the book where I can see how the title came to be. For example - in Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston the narrator notes as the storm is wreaking havoc around them (the main characters), "They sat in company with the others . . . They seemed to be staring at the dark, but their eyes were watching God." I love it when it all comes together!!!

I digress; so I'm living part of my dream - a technical writer by day, and a blogger in my spare time.
Keep on dreaming - you never know where your dreams will take you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Refuse to be Another Black Statistic

To my mind, this is one of the most powerful tracks from Kirk Franklin's Hero album. The words speak for themselves.

I refuse to be another black statistic
A black man who can wine and dine in the sin of the world and still be considered a Christian
I plan on being great
I care not to be less
I refuse to wear a barcode across my chest
I refuse to let a black tee or throwback jersey define me
I refuse to let my children witness divorce
Or make mature decisions in court
I refuse to grow up carrying the generational curse
I refuse to feel the need to curse in my verse
I hate being automatically looked at when someone asks can anyone rap
I wanna be a black man that can flip it from urban to corporate measures
A black man who doesn't gain knowledge from the world for his own pleasures
A black man who reps Christ to the fullest with no regrets
My only regret is the stigma that many black statistics in the past have set
Like going to jail, bragging about bail, leaving our kids, cussing at church,
married and you still flirt, no father present at birth
Animosity within the ministers of our church
I refuse to let my people be viewed as temporary
I plan on planting a seed not for the moment but for one thats legendary
As for statistics
My father broke the mode
And I feel its my job for the next generation to continue in it
Because I refuse to be another black statistic

Written by Kirk Franklin's son, Kerrion Franklin; you can hear it as the outro (last track).
This sound should be heard by male and female.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sometimes youth isn't wasted on the young!

Last night, I received a surprise call from a young man who is like family to us; really any friend that a child brings home becomes a part of the family.
This young man is now a senior in college and will be graduating in June. During our conversation I recalled how he initially did not want to go to college and thought it was a waste. He didn't have an alternate plan, he just wasn't going to college. A guidance counselor saw his potential and applied to college for him and lo and behold, he got accepted.
Fast forward four years and he's appreciative of the opportunity he has. He said there's a slim chance he would go to grad school; he wants to travel; he hasn't met the girl of his dreams(yet) and he's being responsible.
This conversation warmed my heart in so many ways and I was quite proud and happy for him.
Encourage a young person today; even though it seems that they're not listening if they know you care, it seeps in.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Musings

I love being married - warts and all!
I love my children - warts and all!
Love is an overused word in our culture - but in the case of the above its appropriate.
If someone could cook for me on a regular basis, I'd be as happy as a pig in s@#$!
Parenting is hard and it never ends - you just migrate through different stages.
Anytime I see a woman with bad posture, I want to walk up to her and push her shoulders back.
I like being on a college campus - seeing young people embrace learning.
Dirty mouths should be outlawed.
In this day and age, all schools should have metal detectors. Better to be safe than sorry. (I didn't always feel this way about metal detectors).
Unsolicited advice is not advice.
I can't always deal with people and their weird moods, but since I'm moody myself (or so I've being told) I try to empathize.
Good conversation is really good!

Well that's all for now. Be encouraged; we're all doing life together.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 - Reflections, etc

Its good to reflect if simply to learn from our past experiences. Sometimes we reflect to revel in our past experiences and sometimes we just wish to forget. I guess Dec 31st is a great time to do all of this - though this can be done at any point of the year. There were many milestones this year for me: I finally started working at a job I like - (its not perfect, but its doable); we had a wonderful time at our family reunion in Jamaica (so wonderful, everyone wants to do it again real soon); a third child took a gap year before starting college (totally new and unconventional for us - we were hanging by the seat of our pants; the child really has embraced this experience and seems better for it); three semi-grown children trying to find their way in this world using their faith as their guide post (this is huge!). Of course my brother died this year on my son's 20th birthday, and this has affected each person in ways that I cannot express. For me it was the start of this blog.

I learned the importance of family - my immediate family gives me stability, comfort, and joy when all around it seems that things aren't going right. My extended family reminds me that we shouldn't take each other for granted even if we don't always see eye to eye. We need to allow room for growth and change; and if that doesn't happen - we shouldn't hold it against them.

This year social media exploded - facebook, twitter, jamdom. It seems that these mediums do more harm than good - alienating the ones that are closest to us. We seem to spend more time communicating on these mediums instead of the flesh and blood that's nearby. Are the friends on Facebook really your friends? would you have followers in real life? how can anyone play a game for eight hours? These are all ridiculous actions that have become normal with the increase use of social media.

Friendships are important also - nurture them according to the friend. For some it might be a weekly phone call for others its periodic updates that seem like yesterday when you last spoke. Friendships are like the flowers in a garden - some require lots of water, some need lots of sun and some are hardy and will thrive under the worse conditions. I've appreciated the beauty of friendship this year.

So while we look back, lets not stay there. Lets do like the apostle Paul in Phil 3: 13, 14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.