Women of the Word

Periodically, I'll reach out to other Christian women and get their insight on why they study the Bible and the impact it has had on their life.

For me, as I study God's Word, write about it and apply it to my life, I was intrigued to hear about others who were doing the same thing. This series was an act of faith for me, as it takes a lot of guts to reach out to women you don't necessarily know (but you've read their works) and interview them. I'm thanking God for allowing this to happen. This series has taught me that there are no barriers to faith, except what we allow to hold us back. I hope you are blessed by this series.

Tyra Lane-Kingsland

Deidra Riggs
Trillia Newbell
Karen Georgia Thompson
Alida Sharp
Jozanne Marie
Ngina Otiende

Cintia Listenbee
Kristie Anyabwile
Michelle Cauley

Patricia Raybon
Christina Patterson

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