Monday, May 6, 2024

Our Bodies

The human body is amazing. At my big age, I can still think clearly, walk smoothly, and push myself to try new things. I'm still afraid of dogs and have an aversion to cats but I often tell myself not to be afraid. The day a dog sits on my lap of my own volition will be monumental. I often feel awkward when my coworkers share pet stories or have their cats walking across their keyboard. (I digress).

Each day when I awake, I'm grateful for this machine that is my body. I hope I never take it for granted and that I nourish it as often as it needs it.

At this age, doctors become our friends; they fill our calendars. Being ever vigilant in taking care of our bodies every new ache may make us run to the doctor. While I'm grateful for doctors and their knowledge I do my best to rule out some things before I immediately call a doctor.

Recently I had a health scare - my blood pressure was ridiculously high combined with a heart