Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cracks in the Cement

Within the past two weeks - two families within our circle of friends have lost their husbands. Two funerals in two weeks. Additionally, since I started writing this post, three teenagers that my children knew have died in car accidents within the space of a week.

Children are dying in car accidents - so eager to experience life they sometimes ignore the rules. Who knows when they will be fatal consequences?

Older people are dying from life's toll on them in the form of illness and disease.

Since my brother's death, I'm more attuned to death. They are circumstances that influence how I feel about the death. Most importantly if the person was a believer, claimed the Lord as their Savior - then I truly know they are in heaven and in a better place; while I grieve I know they truly are in a better place and this gives my grief perspective. If this was not the case, my heart aches. When a young person dies, it seems as if their life is cut off especially if it was in a reckless manner. As a parent, I wonder - why? Why didn't they listen, why were they speeding, why were they drinking, why weren't you home, why were you with those people, why were you many whys - they dont change anything...may even torture us.
Death is like a crack in the cement; remember when you were a child you tried to jump over those cracks. Sometimes you just couldn't and ended in the crack. That's how death is - unavoidable - so be sure you live a full life, not reckless or uncaring but one that glorifies God and be sure you know where you're going when you die.

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