Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things that make me go Hmmmm....

Well, keeping in mind the genesis of this blog, I often wonder:
Why we let death tear us apart instead of bringing us together?
Why we can't speak our truth and know that it will be received? (Maybe I shouldn't wonder about the receiving part...)
Why we don't accept that death is part of life?
That if God calls someone away it's God's will?
Why we sometimes weep as those that have no hope?
Why didn't we appreciate the dead one when he was here and now that he's gone we want him back?
Why are things never as they seem?
Does one ever know their purpose in life?
Does purpose change based on the stage you're in?
Is purpose definitive?
Do you really need to know your purpose?
What does it mean if you've never had a fight about the toilet seat with your spouse?

Things that make me smile randomly:
I am loved.
Someone thinks I'm beautiful all the time, not just when I make an effort.
Memories of delicious hugs and kisses.
Living by faith in God (not anything or anyone else) - truly living by faith seems so stupid to those who watch you. It doesn't add up but I'm all in.

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  1. My two cents…

    My experiences with death has been to build and unite those that have been distant not tear down.
    It is my belief that death does not tear us apart. Some enter the death experience already torn and use death to feed what’s already torn apart within.

    Only a few (those who are true to themselves) are able to receive the truth, however your truth must be spoken, spoken with gentleness and love.

    Purpose…tough one, but yes, I think we have a purpose and know our purpose, it is felt deep down in your soul. Each of us discover our purpose at different times in our lives. The question is are we brave enough to live out our purpose. As our lives evolve the purpose evolves as we reach different levels of life our purpose changes or better… I think purpose simply deviates ever so slightly to adjust to life changes and stages.

    I bet if one never fights over the toilet seat there was another silly ridiculous fight like toothpaste or don’t drink out of the juice carton get a glass.

    As I progress through this life I truly understand how the simple things give you the most joy.


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