Monday, November 22, 2010

Hair, and other inane things

I like when men are involved in aspects of life that we women sometimes find annoying - the key is balance.
My brother has 2 girls and 2 boys. I remember in the early days, when we (his wife and I) spent alot of time talking about hair. How to make it more manageable, different styles, products that worked, etc... apparently he was listening. Fast forward to August of the summer before he died. I was visiting and somehow the conversation came around to hair. At this point in time his wife and two daughters were wearing sister locs and had been wearing them for at least ten years. I remember when his wife stumbled on to this hairstyle. His daughters and his wife now both have mid back length hair. Anyhow we were talking about swimming - and my brother said, "Either way (whether you perm or stay natural) its all maintenance. You still got to take care of your hair." This made me smile - I guess being surrounded by three women and their routines, you get to learn something about hair care. He took it all in stride.

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