Friday, December 17, 2010

Update - Recalibration

I originally started this blog as a result of my brother's death, and because of the words of a very wise 18 year old who said, "in my young life I've experienced my share of death and it makes us appreciate life more." Those words were the impetus for this blog.
I find writing cathartic, but I dont only want to write about things related to his death - but things that I enjoy in life. They may be as a result of his death, but more times than not, they're not. What I've come to realize - is life is for living; lifes too short - there are no guarantees in life except: you are born and you will die; so make the most of it.
So, I've said the above to say that I'll be expanding the things I write about and they may have no connection to my brother's death.
Keep reading to find out more!

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