Monday, May 2, 2011

A Chapter a Day - Proverbs 2

Proverbs 2 is much easier to read than Chapter 1 and provides sound reasoning for acquiring wisdom.

Observations and Highlights

If you want wisdom badly enough it's available to you (v3-5).

The giver of wisdom is the Lord.

Wisdom from God provides protection, success, discretion, and understanding of what is right, just, and equitable.

Verses 12-22 outline potential situations that wisdom can save you from:
From the ways of wicked men - i.e. hanging with the wrong crowd
From the adulterous women - i.e. men or women who want you to do things you know you shouldn't be doing of a sexual nature (fornication, adultery, etc.)

Are you beginning to see that this wisdom is available to you and that it can place you way ahead of others? You don't have to make the mistakes of youth; you don't have to blindly follow the world's advice, especially when you are prompted to do otherwise. Throughout my life, choosing to go against the grain (though never easy), has saved me from so much heartache. The best part is God rewards faithfulness and has demonstrated the rewards of wisdom in my life.

What about you - are you still searching for God's wisdom?

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