Friday, August 17, 2012

You An Athlete?

That was the question asked to a young lady by a guy at the beach in Barbados as we were waiting to go jet-skiing.  We all had on swim suits and life vests, but there was something different about this young lady's legs.  They were muscular, well-defined and looked good on her.  They inadvertently drew his attention (not in sexual lecherous way) as he asked his question in awe.

Now he didn't ask the rest of us if we were athletes; from the shape of our legs he deduced that we weren't athletes, though he may have been wrong.

As a Christian, our walk, our actions, our character, our words should be so different from those around us that it makes others ask  "You a Christian?" If they don't  we should always be trying to emulate Christ so eventually that becomes an obvious question.

Some times we are overlooked through no fault of our own - perhaps there's no glaring opportunity to share your faith or you don't often get a chance to interact with others.  That doesn't dim your light - use the time as preparation so that when the opportunity presents itself you are prepared.

Some times we are overlooked because it's obvious based on our actions that we're not.  It's the equivalent of having zero muscle tone and calling yourself a world class athlete. Others have to see something that indicates that you are what you say your are.

However, not everyone that has athletic legs is an athlete.  They are many that are naturally blessed with this attribute, yet shy away from all form of exercise.  Many call themselves Christians, but just because you say you are, doesn't mean you are. Many think that if they live right and are good that should be enough. Unfortunately, that does not make you a Christian. Just as nice legs don't make you an athlete, so also doing good works alone, does not make you a Christian.

Therefore by their fruits, you shall know them.  Matt 7:20

You a Christian?  Does your life reflect it?

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