Monday, October 22, 2012

Pile of Poop!

During the week, I  try to run 3 miles twice a week at 6:30 in the morning.  At this time, it's usually dark but the sun is making its way through. Because of the time of day it is quiet, it's peaceful, it's cool and it allows me time to just think and commune with God. Jogging makes me feel good, so I often use this time to clear my brain and meditate. I'm really praying without being on my knees.

I run a half mile loop 6 times to get to 3 miles.  On one particular morning there was a pile of poop in my path and that pile of poop really soured my disposition.  I had to go out of my way to avoid it; I had to look down to make sure I didn't step in it.  In addition, any pleasant thoughts I was thinking quickly disappeared.  I tried to put the poop out of mind, but each time I came around it was there.  This did not make for a pleasant run. But if I wasn't aware, it would've been a really awful run!

the most sanitary image of poop I could find!

You know what that pile of poop did?  It made me think of the negativity that sometimes shows up in our lives. This negativity may take the form of circumstances or people. Because of its inescapable aura, it has an impact on you; but you do what you can to not step in to it or be soiled by it. You can ignore it, confront it, seek counsel, or pray about it, all in an effort to minimize its effects on you.

If there are piles of poop in your life, I hope you are able to avoid them and that they disappear soon. Don't step in to a pile of poop!

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Ephesians 6:10
Are you dealing with piles of poop? How do you get rid of them?

PS - the oddest things make me think of life! I hope this didn't gross you out.

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  1. I laughed when I saw your title because of the post I have up now ;)

    The oddest things make me ponder too, you're not alone:)

    As for getting rid of them? Flushing has always worked for me. . .flushing with prayer, that is;)


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