Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family Pictures

I don't know about you, but every time we take a family picture there's loads of drama in the background.

Every year, we pick a color - this year the color was green, which in hindsight may not have been the best selection - there are too many varieties. There were different levels of prostetation - I don't have any green; this is the only green I have so this is what I'm wearing; do stripes count?; Mummy we're only doing this for you; if this makes you happy, then I'm happy. 

On the day of, I remember that the Little One, may not have any green in her closet. What to do? I run through her closet and realize that she has a dress with green and white striped top - this will do. 

It's also about the hairstyles, at least for the women it is. We're all natural now and at the last minute daughter  #2 decides that she wants to be adventurous and straighten her hair. Mind you, she hasn't straightened her hair in about a year and is growing out a short cut; also her hair is very thick. Our appointment is at 3 and she starts this at 1; by 2 she is only three quarters done. So now daughter #1 decides to help her out - thank God. In the mean time, the men are debating the "greenness" of their sweaters, and I have decided to cancel any fancy hairdo I would have attempted. Instead, I do my usual standby - a pony tail. I also get running commentary on the greenness of my dress.  At 3, a last minute wardrobe change by daughter #1 allows her to locate a green top in her suitcase and she convinces herself that the stripes in her sweater have a shade of green in them.  She decides to wear a green accent ring and some green eye shadow.  

At this point, I am holding on to my sanity by a very slim thread. By 3:15 we finally leave and arrive at the studio by 3:25.

Finally, our pictures are done, until next year. (above a subset of our photo shoot)

My family is not perfect, but we are perfect for each other.

Do you have exciting behind the scenes stories around your family pictures?


  1. They came out great!

    We've never done the professional, matching each other pictures, but each time we take a picture with my dad he yells, "no Facebook"! So annoying :)

    1. ha ha; tell him you won't tag him. I only started doing this about 7 years ago or around the time the little one was born; i guess its now a family tradition.


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