Saturday, January 26, 2013

The List

Blogging is fun because it's writing, which is a childhood dream of mine.  Through blogging, I've learned a lot about others and myself.  Looking back at some of posts, I see growth, anguish, maturity - to name a few.
I saw this list on a blog I read, and my first thought after reading her list was, I could never do something like that, because I have an invisible fence in my brain around the things I'll share. Blogging has also made me realize that the hardest posts to write are those that benefit the most.  This isn't very deep in terms of content, but it's another way that you get to know another part of me.

I am: exuberant and still look good for my age; a wife and mother of 4
I think:  about too many things that don't make sense to most people
I want: a new house with granite counters and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen
I have:  alot of stuff; i buy clothes on sale that I have yet to wear; no patience for foolishness
I dislike: mess, clutter, confusion, angry people
I miss: being close to my friends; stopping by for a cup of tea; hanging out for no good reason; late night sessions where we talked and talked.
I fear:  being a grumpy old lady; becoming fat.
I feel:  good
I hear:  crickets; and the toilet flushing
I smell:  garbage and dirty dishes
I crave: sour cream and onion potato chips especially when I'm hormonal
I search: for my husband's wallet and keys way too often
I wonder:  what would happen to me if my husband died; what each child will become
I regret:  not too much, but I surely wish I'd taken advantage of SAP training many years ago
I love: Love
I care:  for my family - my husband and my children and then my extended family
I am always: looking for something to do
I worry:  about growing old, my children
I remember: growing up in the Bahamas - the food, the beaches, our house and neighbors
I sing:  Loudly, often, in public or private
I argue:  when i feel strongly about something or if I know I'm right
I write: because its cathartic; everything down so I don't forget
I lose:  my mind when I'm wrapped up in a song; I can listen to it on repeat for hours on end
I wish:  this life would be over and I could start living in heaven
I listen:  to all sorts of music
I don't understand:  why a child who is raised with a Godly foundation would squander that; how two children could be raised in the same loving environment and one thrives and the other is angry
I can usually be found: at home or in my car
I am scared:  of dogs, and rodents (especially if they get in my house)
I need: to do laundry...uggh
I forget:  not much; though sometimes in conversation the thought I was going to express all of a sudden slips my mind.
I am happy:  .when we snuddle - that's snuggling and cuddling; when I'm being hugged; having stimulating conversation

So Kris, thanks for encouraging me to do this.
Now it's your turn. Make your own list and let me know so I can come read yours. And remember, don't spend too much time thinking about it. Usually what first comes to mind is what you need to write. Don't worry about sounding goofy, or unspiritual, or whatever. . .we are all a work in progress.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this :).

    It made me feel like I got to know you more. We are a lot alike.

  2. I love it! I feel I know you better now:) We don't understand the same things and I love sour cream and onion chips. And I love your word snuddle:)
    Thanks for joining in on the fun.
    We should do it again in a year and see if anything changes in our answers.

  3. I love your list. I worry about my children as well. Gotta keep reminding myself to trust God. This world is full of so much I worry can harm them. God.

  4. This was great. Thanks for sharing.
    I Miss: Running & laughing with my friend..


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