Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Things?

I am always struck by the simplicity yet profoundness of this question. Jesus asked this question of the two disciples who were on the way to Emmaus who were dumbfounded and saddened by the death of Jesus. They had believed what Jesus said and had hoped that he was the promised Messiah. Somehow I think many thought the Messiah would be kingly, almost presidential, but he was a commoner in their midst. They knew Jesus had spoken of his resurrection; it had happened but they had no proof as yet, so they were rehashing and discussing all of the events leading up to his death.

Then Jesus joins them. The disciples wondered how anyone who was in Jerusalem could not have known of the events leading up to Jesus' death.  They wandered if he was a visitor or a stranger.

And then Jesus asked the question, "What things?" Can you imagine, the one who knows all things asking "What things?" The disciples had no idea who it was that was asking the question - they could not yet see.

The disciples provided a condensed version to the question of the events leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection,  highlighting the fact that His body was no longer there. Jesus lovingly chastises them and ties all the things together concerning his death: His motive, His heart, His suffering, His obedience, His glory.  That had to have been a long walk (6.89 miles), because he started from the writings of Moses and made his way all the way through to the present. The disciples were so enraptured they still did not recognize Jesus. It was also probably oddly comforting to hear someone talk so knowledgeably about Jesus - someone that they knew. Can you imagine?

He joins them for supper and as he is breaking bread, the shackles fall from their eyes or something in his mannerisms made them know that they had been fellow-shipping with Jesus all along. They realized that they did not have to be sad any more; He was alive!

Those whom Christ will teach he will first examine how far they have learned; they must tell him what things they know, and then he will tell them what was the meaning of these things, and lead them into the mystery of them.(Matthew Henry's Commentary)
What things? As He provides the answers, you will be surely blessed and encouraged as the disciples were.

In your life do you sometimes feel He does not know what's going on and He's asking you, "What things?" How do you respond? 

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