Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Notes From My Daughter - Racial Obstacles at College

I had every intention of writing another post, but my daughter shared the following with me.

Please take a moment - 10 mins and watch the embedded video, which speaks volumes.

This is what the Black Students at USC are dealing with right now.  It has been ongoing, but the situation came to a head this past weekend, at the end of a party to celebrate the end of classes.

"This footage takes place blocks away from the original venue. At almost 6 minutes into the video you see footage of a girl being tased multiple times while on the ground screaming for them to stop. You can also see my friend being arrested, he has a fractured wrist. Another person I just found out has a personal account of being beaten by a cop. Witnesses from both parties claim they heard people at Nate's party being called niggers among other things.
Please pray for us all, it's been difficult to study in this atmosphere, especially as many of us know the victims personally. I love you and I'll see you soon."
Here's the link in case you can't start the video -

Will you pray? I'd greatly appreciate it. Please take a moment and leave a comment also.

If you have connections with people that can make a difference, please share this with them also.

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