Monday, December 23, 2013

My birthday

I turned 47 on 12/22.

47 seems like such a large number but I feel so very young. 
Chatting with my husband we were just musing about where we are currently in life:
  • We are happy with our children - we have one getting ready to leave the nest as I write this.
  • Our marriage is sound but we are always willing to try to improve as there is always room for improvement. 
  • We live on the west coast and like it. 
  • Our lives aren't well planned but God is in control and we both trust deeply. 
  • We are similar yet very different. 
  • Maintaining connections with extended family is important though not always easy. 
  • I love my husband and four children; my life is inexplicably richer because of them. 
  • I really don't need gifts but I don't mind receiving them. 
  • My circle of friends has grown and is much more diverse. 

I am happy! I'm grateful for another year to be alive.


  1. You look so very young! Sorry I missed this post. Happy belated birthday!


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