Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Things That Don't Have to be Perfect

Perfection is an ideal that has many caught in its trap; it is an illusion that is unattainable.There's a false pride associated with trying to do everything to perfection which dulls the spirit and irritates many. As a parent I sometimes see my offspring place unrealistically high expectations on themselves (sometimes I wonder if I played a part in this); but be that as it may, I try to let them know that while it's OK to have goals it's crippling to be so hard on oneself.

In the spirit of dispelling the myth of perfectionism and for those of you that struggle with being perfect here's a list of things that don't have to be perfect:

a hairstyle
an outfit
a Christmas tree
Christmas cake or cookies
a cover letter
a presentation
an interview
job performance
a report
a gift wrapped present
a meal - breakfast, lunch, or dinner
your children
your spouse

What can you add to this list? Do you struggle with perfectionism?

I wanted to end this post with a scripture like I typically do, but I couldn't find the perfect one for this post. I was stuck. So instead of delaying this further, I decided to follow my own advice - this post doesn't have to be perfect either. I hope it gets the point across that most things do not have to be done to perfection to be worthwhile; and if you think of the perfect verse for this post, please share it with me.  Blessings.

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  1. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful.......wow!!! As a recovering perfectionist, this was so good for me!! Thank you! Love this:)


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