Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year - Check your Vision

I've worn glasses since I was 12 years old, so I'm very familiar with what happens during an eye exam.  An eye exam is where the overall health of my eyes is assessed while also checking the quality of my vision. During the exam, the optometrist always asks me to remove my glasses - in essence putting me back to square zero. Without my glasses, I cannot see perfectly and everything is blurry. Then he puts that device in front of my eyes - and knowing what he's trying to get to - for he knows my prescription, he starts adjusting the lenses for quality and clarity.

After an initial adjustment, he starts a series of questions to narrow down the best prescription for me. "Can you see better with this lens or this lens? How about this one? Better now? Which one is clearer?" Each question requires an answer before he can proceed. He'll repeat the same process for the other eye and then he'll put them both together, and ask a bit more questions. The final test, he'll ask me to read the smallest line on the eye chart. At this point, he provides details regarding my prescription.

I have to provide input so that the optometrist can have the best direction in terms of my vision. Sometimes, though the questions seem to take a bit longer to answer, or when there seem to be multiple changes of lenses I anticipate that my vision has changed drastically. I'm always surprised to hear that my vision is still the same. Other times, most recently, I'm told my vision has changed.

Last year my dreams were blurry and fuzzy but they were also calibrated so that I could see clearly. I had a vision exam in the form of life. Things happened and I was asked, "Can you see clearly now?" I answered, "No." I stayed there for a while disillusioned and in a state of despair. Something else happened. "How about now?" "It's getting clearer," I responded. Another life event occurred. "Better or worse?" "Better." "OK, let's keep going." Again, something else happened. "Can you read the bottom line?" "Why yes, it's perfect."

The Master Optometrist was controlling the lens. It was important to Him that I am able to see. He kept, prodding, adjusting and calibrating until my vision was what it should be. I kept working with Him and providing input because I knew that He was doing things to adjust my vision so that I could see clearly.

A new year presents a perfect opportunity to check your vision. Take time to answer the questions that are being asked of you. Our ultimate purpose is to please God; as He keeps adjusting the lens we'll figure out how to do what we're designed to do. We'll keep listening and answering and we'll be confident as we execute our vision. Visions change - so keep checking in to ensure that you can see clearly.

...the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory. Isaiah 60:19 [KJV]

Have you checked your vision recently? Have a wonderful new year


  1. Love this! My vision is super bad so that yearly check up happens like clockwork. It kinda bums me out how little I can see without the lenses in front of my eyes. Here is to finding clarity in the new year...whatever that means for us!!

  2. Such a great post and so timely. Thanks for sharing.


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