Monday, July 3, 2017

Women of The Word - Pastor Andrea Humphrey

"Each person touching someone as we pray," is something Pastor Andrea Humphrey says every time she speaks. Recognizing that some won't experience human connection for any number of reasons and that it is because of God's great love that we can, we are encouraged to connect. She has a heart for people to experience all that God has to offer. Pastor Andrea Humphrey co-pastors Hopes House with her husband. As someone who has read her books and heard her speak on a regular basis, I'd like to introduce you to this month's Woman of the Word. Be encouraged and blessed.

Andrea Humphrey

1. As someone who studies the Bible, what are your favorite tools and resources?
AH: My favorite tools are the Word itself, Logos Bible Software, and

2. Old Testament, New Testament or both?
AH: I love both!

3. Why do you study the Bible? What was your initial motivation? 
AH: I heard the gospel preached as a teenager and was drawn instantly to it. I love its flow, the way it tells stories, the power of the message and the way it grabs you when you think you have heard it all before. I am inspired, challenged, convicted, refreshed and captivated by its completeness and fortified by its grace.

4. How does inspiration work for you? How do you know that what you're writing or understanding is as if God is moving the pen and you're just the vehicle? 
AH: There is a moment when I know God steps in and it is if the pen is writing by itself and I am not a part of the equation. The thoughts are things I would not think, the connections are those that I would not make and the impact is nothing I could manufacture.

5. How do you handle complex topics that may not align with popular views? (Can you give an example?) 
AH: I preach them anyway. The word can stand on its own and God can defend himself so I leave that to Him to worry about and I just move forward with what He gives me to teach.

6. When confronted by the truth of scripture, even for difficult topics, how does it re-orient you? 
AH: I take it in and I ask the Lord to allow it to tear down any religious thoughts or feelings I have in that area. I then ask forgiveness for anything wrong I may have lived out or taught prior to that knowledge of the truth.

7. Tell us a little bit about yourself, current projects you are working on and where you can be found.
AH: I am a lead pastor functioning often as a senior pastor at Hopes House Christian Ministries casting vision and carrying out the mission as God has called our house to fulfill. I just completed my doctorate in Pastoral Leadership and Biblical Studies and that was difficult but extremely rewarding. I am prone to look at the Word in light of both the church and the marketplace as I have an MBA and have worked in corporate America for many years. I believe God wants us to have an impact in the world as well as the church. I am a mother to a 15 and 11-year-old, and my goal is to raise daughters who love Jesus, see a powerful but submitted mom and respect their dad and God in ways that the world has rarely seen. In addition, I am a published author of More Than Just His Wife and Transformed for A Purpose: A Practical Plan to Get Unstuck and Live a Power Filled Life.

8. How do you deal with discouragement and doubt? (Bonus question) 
AH: Honestly I usually pick up the phone and talk to a friend. I know that most would say they go to God first but I usually look to hear an audible voice to jolt me out of whatever funk I am in. Then they usually pray for me and push me toward God and I pray and seek His face for relief. Sometimes I can get there on my own but I wanted to be honest and say I often need a person and a hug or an encouraging word or just an ear.


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  1. Thank you for that wonderful tip of asking God to forgive you for any error you have made or lived when you gain a new revelation from the Word of God. Keep up the good work.

  2. I, too, was struck by Andrea's plea for God to break down her 'religious' views. all too often to don't study for ourselves and just go with the flow of whatever denomination we happen to belong to. Thank you for the reminder! I'm your neighbor from Holley's link up :).


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