Monday, July 23, 2018

Swipe Up; Look Up

I remember when I first became the owner of an iPhone – I was like a kid in a candy store discovering that a phone had more purposes than communication. Soon I discovered apps with their powerful allure of making my life easier. But in no time those apps became an annoying distraction with the constant ding of notifications combined with my insatiable desire to always scroll to see what’s happening. The continuous running of apps not only took a toll on me but also on my device.

It was my daughter who taught me that swiping up would close all my open windows. I’m discovering that I need to swipe up in my life and close many things that are running, which are distracting while
keeping me from my best. Things like anger, anxiety, resentment, doubt, grumbling. I could go on, but some of these things are eating at me right now. The thing is I sometimes don’t realize this until I got a ding in the form of a misspoken word or an angry text sent my way. I’m not always aware of what’s running in the background but situations bring them to light. At this point I have a choice: do I operate like my overutilized iPhone or do I swipe up? I’ve decided I’m swiping up and looking up. I’m removing distractions and refocusing on the One who is never distracted by me; the One who cares for me.

These phones are built for multitasking – they are supposed to be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with no overall drop in performance. But obviously, that’s not always the case – applications may freeze or not shut down properly. The same is true for us; sometimes we think we can juggle many balls, keep our emotions compartmentalized and still live by faith. Faith doesn’t work like that – it affects our entire being, and if we have emotions or thoughts running in the background that hinder us, we need to swipe up. It doesn’t matter when they show up or how they do, once we recognize our limited capacity we need to swipe up, look up, and be restored.

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7

What's running in your background? Swipe up and give it to God.


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  1. I really like that analogy! Though I wish that clearing our minds was as easy as closing out apps!

  2. Great analogy Nylse. Sometimes we need to swipe up in order to remove distractions in our lives and focus on what matters. Great reminders! Blessings! - Kia

  3. Wow, love the way you put this! I am def. needing to swipe up in my life. Thank you for this simple way of putting it!

  4. Up swipping today for sure!! Glad I read this before I got out of my bed.


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