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Women of the Word - Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

Natasha and I connected digitally over a year ago. In the social media world, we ended up in similar groups. I reached out to her well before her most recent work came to fruition however writing is time-consuming especially if it's a ministry, so we never had a chance to connect until now. I've listened to Natasha and heard her heart for God. I know that her love for God runs deep which shows up as fruit in her life. She is a living example of abiding in Christ. This month, we veer off script as Natasha talks about her most recent ministry impacting tool. Meet this month's Woman of the Word - Natasha Sistrunk Robinson.
Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

What experiences in your life brought about A Sojourner’s Truth? 
Natasha Sistrunk Robinson: After nearly twenty years of being in higher education and diverse professional settings, I was motivated to write this book because of the systemic challenges I observed as both a woman and racial or ethnic minority. The injustices were the same whether I was leading in a professional space or ministering in the church, and I wanted to give a historical and cultural analysis that was both deeply personal or relatable, and deeply theological or spiritual. When these elements come together, I believe we are in a better position to embody the redemption of Christ to a broken world.

What is A Sojourner’s Truth about? 
Natasha: This book tells my story as an African American woman leader alongside Moses and the Exodus narrative. It allows me to show how God raises up an ordinary person from a marginalized people group to equip and challenge them to live as citizens of a new kingdom.

What messages are at the heart of A Sojourner’s Truth? 
Natasha: These are the messages that stand out.
  • If we want freedom from this fallen world and its brokenness, and if we want to take bold and courageous actions, then we must first learn to tell the truth!
  • Reconciliation conversations that do not include convictions and repentance from racial and systemic injustices stop short of the kingdom of God.
  • Listening, learning from, and honoring the contributions of people of color and women in the church allows for a deeper theological understanding and true unity in the body of Christ. 
  • The intentional personal reflection and transparent sharing of our stories with “the other” gives space for the spiritual, emotional, professional, and character-shaping moments that help a person realize who God is and what he has purposed and positioned them to do.

What do you hope readers clearly hear from you in this book?
Natasha: We need to hear more stories that originate with and feature the voices and experiences of people of color. We need to see more women and men working and leading together across generations to advance the kingdom of God.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you can be found online. (The excerpt below is from Natasha's website.)
Natasha Sistrunk Robinson is an international speaker, leadership consultant, diversity and mentoring coach with nearly 20 years of leadership experience in the military, the federal government, church, seminary, and nonprofit sectors. She is the author of the new release, A Sojourner’s Truth: Choosing Freedom and Courage in a Divided World, Mentor for Life, and the Hope for Us Bible study.

Natasha is also the Visionary Founder and Chairperson of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Leadership LINKS, Inc. and host of A Sojourner’s Truth podcast. A graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Charlotte (cum laude, M.A. Leadership) and the U.S. Naval Academy, Natasha has served as a Marine Corps officer and employee at the Department of Homeland Security. She specifically writes about being a servant in God’s kingdom with a focus on leadership, mentoring, reconciliation, and biblical justice.

Natasha has written a much-needed book for our times. Leave some encouragement for Natasha in the comments.


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  1. Thank you! It is so encouraging to read about Natasha and women like her. She is fulfilling her calling and being effective in a challenging niche. Many blessings to Natasha, and a broader platform, and greater opportunities to you and her.

  2. Natasha sounds like an amazing woman. Her book sounds like a needed resource. I have so many books right now to finish, but I will write this one down as one to look forward to. Blessings! Thank you for sharing! I'm your neighbor at #TrekkingThru.

  3. Love your Women of the Word spotlights! It's great to meet so many amazing women of God.

  4. Wonderful to hear what God is doing for women and through them.

  5. This sounds like an interesting and important read.

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