Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Some Doubted

The eleven disciples traveled to Galilee to the mountain where Jesus had directed them. When they saw Him, they worshipped, but some doubted. Matthew 28:16, 17

Some doubted. These were the eleven remaining disciples Jesus spent His last hours with. He spent his final moments before dying, encouraging and comforting them. They asked questions, and He answered. He prepared them for what was ahead. His words to them are found in John chapters thirteen through seventeen. 

Yet after all of that, when He appears to them, resurrected, though they see Him, some doubted. Perhaps a momentary doubt because of the awesomeness of seeing Jesus.

We have doubted in lesser circumstances. When we feel shunned, we doubt. When things aren't going the way we expect, we doubt. When the marriage seems complicated, we doubt. When the children aren't responsive, we doubt.

We doubt our ability because we momentarily lose focus. It is He who gives us the strength to handle every situation. We often doubt when we forget this vital truth.

But the good news is the disciples' doubts didn't keep them away from the One who diminishes doubt. God is not afraid of our doubts, our questions, our worries. Instead, they worshipped. In doubt, they worshipped. I don't know what worship looks like to you, but the next time you feel doubtful, stop, pause, breathe, look up, meditate on His word, give thanks. Then return to your circumstances with renewed purpose.

Doubt may plague us from time to time, but worship will change our perspective.

Pray - Dear Lord, I'm grateful that when we turn to you, when you are in our midst, when we acknowledge your greatness over everything, it is at this instant our doubt is changed. Lord, we know that you can handle our doubts, our feelings of uncertainty. We remember that Thomas doubted and had a personal experience with you. Instead of your physical presence, you have left us your Holy Spirit, and we are blessed. In times of doubt, help us to lean on you, to cling to you. Thank you for diminishing our doubt. Amen.

What do you do with your doubt?


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  1. I Think we are best served by bringing our doubt into the light, plunking it down in the safe spaces of prayer and community.

  2. As I read your words, I am once again humbled. This is the second post in two days reminding me to "look up." Oh, yes! How I need to remember to look up and know the He has all of the answers, that He is my comfort and my joy! Praising God for having you be a neighbor today at a linkup.

  3. This is so true, Nylse, "Doubt may plague us from time to time, but worship will change our perspective." When we see Him - everything changes.

  4. I think He understands because He lived as we do, as long as it doesn't become unbelief.

  5. Nylse, it is so humbling to realize we can bring our doubts before Him and He is faithful to dispel them by the light of His Word. I am not sure I ever took note of those three words > "but some doubted." The Lord is so tender with us in the midst of our doubts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights!

  6. To paraphrase, doubts are an opening where The Light can shine in...

  7. Nylse, such a reassuring post on bringing our doubts directly to God. So often I try to hide my own doubts, instead of taking them to God where I can find help, freedom and encouragement!


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