Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Day or Two in My Life...

For the past week I've dealt with the flu - I don't know if that what it is, but I seem to have all the symptoms.  On Thursday I went to the doctor as it seems I was getting worse, not better. He prescribed a very strong cough medicine and some eye drops for my eyes.  The medicine was supposed to knock me out, but for whatever reason, I could not sleep. By Thursday, everyone was home from college and I'm officially sick.
Thursday night, we sat and talked, reminisced and prayed. It's great to see children maturing.

During this sickness, I've been trying to work from home - some days were better than others.
On Friday in the middle of the day, I heard my doorbell ring and then quick footsteps. By the time I answer the door, my neighbor is running away in a state of panic. She yells out my name and said she thought someone was trying to break in to her house as she was entering, so she grabs me to come home with her. When I answered the door, I had no shoes on and I still had on my pajamas. I go outside with her, and she is beyond panicked.  We're all standing around because everyone is afraid to go in the house.  I call my husband, who is also home - because I know he's not afraid.  He's not afraid of most things. He was on a very important call for work that just ended.  So he rushes over.  He goes in the house, with my neighbor and I stay outside, keeping an eye out for what, I'm not sure.  In the midst of all this excitement, I remember that the little one is home (now by herself), so I run back home, put on shoes and tell her what's going on.  It turns out that it was a false alarm, but I was glad that she remembered that we were neighbors at this pivotal time. I didn't even know that she knew how to pronounce my name!

The day continues uneventfully and finally on Friday night, the narcotic qualities of the cough medicine kick in.  I sleep until 11:00 am on Saturday, which is unheard of for me.  I wake up to the smells of big breakfast - that's what the children like to do when they come home - pancakes, hash brown, bacon and eggs.  Someone makes me a cup of tea and back to bed I go.

As I'm preparing to go back to sleep my husband says - can I come to the front to talk, it's good news.  My son, home from college announces that he's getting baptized on Sunday.  Just like that.  I don't have too much to add to the conversation, so I go back to bed.

I have a conversation with a friend, and said something that may have offended.  I could blame the medicine but I won't.  Recognizing, what I did, I apologized.  I had a long conversation with another friend, and while on the phone an older friend from the church I used to attend calls just to bless me.  She wanted to bless me with good health and to let me know that she prays for me and my family regularly.  I couldn't believe it.  She couldn't believe I answered the phone. She called it a Christmas Miracle!

At some point I decided to watch my wedding video from 22 years ago.  It still makes me smile in a good way - but the fashions - why did I do that to my bridesmaids??? All the children commented that my husband looks completely different.

My parents are coming in next week, and while attempting to fall asleep (again) the phone rings.  It is now 11:00 pm. My brother is  calling to tell me about their itinerary and plans for the trip. And then we get to talking about relationships and marriages - in particular our parent's marriage. His observation is that he thinks my mom is not often recognized for all the work she does, in particular by my dad.

I eventually went to sleep, so I could wake up for the baptism today. Of course, we were running late. And as we're running late, my husband tells me how he's glad and happy that he married me! I thought it ironic, since he was not aware of my conversation with my brother.

We get to church in time for the sermon, my son walks forward to prepare to be baptized, and the service ends with his baptism. Of course they were tears in my eyes. Happy tears.

And that's why our family motto is:  Never a Dull Moment!!!

The tree will go up and the house will be decorated, but more importantly we're all together at home for Christmas. Home is wherever we all are.

Are you enjoying the holiday season? What's your family motto?


  1. I loved reading this, it made me smile! Not that you were sick, but all the family things going on. Congratulations on the baptism, just reading it made me tear up. And it sounds like you have a very special husband:)
    I pray for complete healing for you and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Your son's Baptism is a wonderful start to Christmas.
    I hope you are on the road to recovery.
    I am enjoying the Holiday season so far. Just found out that I will get to spend time with my family this year. I would say our family motto is "Laughter is the Best Medicine". We have learned how to laugh at some of the craziest things that come up in our family.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love to get new visitors!
    Hope you are feeling better. Family is most important and that you'll be together, even if the decorations don't make it up. :)
    I bet your son's Baptism was a happy moment for you.

    Come back over anytime! :)

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