Thursday, September 27, 2012

Connecting The Dots....

I remember the PC (personal computer) revolution; I remember the positive impact it had on productivity in the workplace. I remember when I discovered the Internet and all of its capabilities and I remember when I first got email. I remember when I paid for AOL.

With the advent of email I started to receive many emails that contain platitudes, feel good quotes and Bible verses from many sources.

I remember when I finally discovered Facebook and realized there was a term for this - social media.

It was great connecting with old friends and making new friends. I started to notice an interesting phenomenon - many had religious principles in their status and quite a few now seemed to be born again Christians. I was pleased yet perplexed. Perhaps I was an undercover Christian in High School and College, but wouldn't I have known, wouldn't I have gotten some indication based on actions or words that they were different, just like me? (maybe I think too highly of myself).

I was perplexed because I never realized that so many I knew had the same beliefs as me - perhaps we didn't have these beliefs when we were together.  The other thing that was even more perplexing was that many quoted scripture, but if you just look at their social media profile, nothing in their lives lined up with the scripture.

On a large scale, I see this happening today.  For example many quote Jer 29:11...I know the plans I have for you.  Many want the good promises of the Bible without the daily discipline of nurturing a relationship and  being obedient. Some would say what's wrong with this? Imagine you have a house that's been given to you. It's a gift with no strings attached. The house is so beautiful, that on first sight you fall in love with the living room - and this is where you stay.  You can tell anyone who asks about this living room - the furniture, the dimensions, the view.  One day someone asked  - but what about the rest of the house?

What about the rest of the house? It is said that the Bible is like rubber since many bend it to make it suit their views. I believe this happens because many things are taken out of context and many are looking for validation for their thoughts and lifestyles. We're stuck on one dot, one room. We need to connect the dots to see the whole picture.

With the advent of technology many are taking steps to let the world know of their faith. I know we're all works in progress, but be consistent in your beliefs; don't be empty vessels or look good on the outside and be deteriorating on the inside. Be brave. Know why you believe what you believe. Let your beliefs dictate the way you live.

Do you take time to connect the dots? Do you spend time pondering scripture? Do you enjoy searching the scriptures? What do you do with the knowledge gained? 

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