Friday, June 28, 2013

DOMA Defeat

God is in control and nothing comes as a surprise to God.

The Supreme Court's decision makes me wonder if this is not an ongoing opportunity for Christians to be salt and light in this dark world by loving and ministering to those we scorn; those that are different from us.

Isn't it ironic, that marriage was not considered a big deal until the same sex couples wanted what heterosexuals took for granted all along.

More irony - the AIDS epidemic was one of the things that brought the issue of same sex rights to the forefront.

I currently live in California; the chances of me interacting with someone who is gay is very high; or my children knowing someone who is being raised by two moms or two dads is very high; or friends in my peer group who will never have grandchildren (unless they're adopted) is very high. These are not remote situations.

I believe what the Bible says about marriage, and will always stand by that. My daily pray is that whomever I interact with that they may see Jesus in me; that they will feel comfortable enough to share with me.  When Jesus walked this earth He was love in action; I want to be like that.  Since I'm not God, I'll leave the judging and the punishing to him (I hope that's not wrong of me). May I have Godly discernment to know when to have compassion, making a distinction; but on others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.” Jude 1: 22-24 

God is in control and nothing comes as a surprise to Him.


  1. What God, if any, under any name or organized religion would create those that are singled out?
    The Constitution is about LEGAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. No religion should be interjected, for those are personal choices made by each individual.
    As the mother and relative of LGBT human beings I do take issue with any organized sect who feels their beliefs should take precedence in such issues as government.

    1. God created all people - black, white, gay, straight, able, disable; humans have singled each other out and caused strife; the language of DOMA perpetuated further separation.
      I framed this post the way I did, because I'm not trying to interject religion to use it as grounds to belittle.
      I don't agree with all choices humans make, but I believe the Bible.
      All choices have repercussions.
      These are difficult times we are living in; I truly want to be loving and wise in my interactions.
      I had to write this because I don't believe the only way to deal with this is "rain down fire and brimstone" on homosexuals or to be angry and only handle it from a political angle. I believe it runs deeper than that.


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