Thursday, October 31, 2013

Driving Thoughts - O You Fancy

Imagine this - a young mother of three, works in corporate america, dresses nicely, and apparently does not look like she has three children. The family needs a car, and the husband was able to buy a used Volvo in good condition. Because of that Volvo, her status is now elevated. On top of everything else, folks now think she's fancy, rich and better than them. All of this because she got a used Volvo.

Sounds crazy? Well it happened and it happens and it's not that far fetched.  People make many assumptions based on the car you drive.

I live in the land of status - California, and I have noticed many more luxury vehicles on the road. That phrase "luxury vehicle" has some monetary implications and connotations. According to Wikipedia it means: "The term suggests a vehicle with higher quality equipment, better performance, more precise construction, comfort, higher design, technologically innovative modern, or features that convey an image, brand, status, or prestige, or any other 'discretionary' feature or combination of them. The term is also broad, highly variable and relative. It is a perceptual, conditional and subjective attribute that may be understood differently by different people; "what may be luxury for one may be premium for another.""

I have to caution myself not to get caught up in a person's wallet just because of the car they drive for the outside does not determine what is on the inside.

Remember, just because I drive a Benz or any luxury vehicle does not mean I'm better than you. I don't think that way and neither should you.

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Hebrews 13:5

How do you feel when you see others with things that you don't have? 


  1. All my life I have been completely unimpressed by things. I've never cared what other people have . . . whether I have it or not. I hate it when people say that they are jealous of me . . . it makes me sick to my stomach. If someone has something that I don't have, I think that's great for them. I don't think about it much . . . after all, what has that got to do with me?

    Cars don't impress me; they never have . . . which is why I'm still driving my 2002 4 Runner and will keep driving it until the wheels fall off. Homes don't impress me - in my line of work, I've literally seen them all. Houses with pools and tennis courts on the ocean with intercom systems . . . big whoop. I just want a home to be comfy and safe with room for my piano. Clothes don't impress me. I do like to see someone nicely appointed -- I like to be nicely appointed -- but the clothes in and of themselves don't impress me.

    But I'm strange like that. Who cares? What is more important to me is who you are as a person? How are you caring for your family? How are you bettering your life in meaningful and tangible ways not related to material things? What is the content of your heart and your character? What do you do when no one is looking? That is what matters to me.

  2. Growing up my parents stressed and stressed be content with what you have. Someone has less and would love to have what you have.

    I have been able to live my life based on that teaching. I never have worried much about what others have. Or felt like I've needed to keep up. I don't spend more than I can afford to keep up with the Joneses because to be honest I'll never be able to.

    I know too many people who have tried and it only causes disappointment and unhappiness.


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