Friday, January 31, 2014

Just for Fun - Liebster Award

I use Grammarly's free plagiarism check because it helps you to say what you mean, and mean what you say!

Since I've been blogging, I've always wanted to receive a Liebster Award.  A Liebster Award would let me know that I'm being read, and someone, yes someone, actually likes what I write!!! I'm joking, but I do like the validation. So imagine my great surprise and pleasure when I was actually nominated by a fellow blogger - wooohooooo!!!

Thank you to the lovely Denise of Niecyisms for nominating me.
How it works: 
You list 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
You then nominate 11 other bloggers (with less than 200 followers) and give them 11 questions to answer.

11 Random facts about me.
  1. I have a long neck; my neck is one of my favorite body parts, next to my legs.
  2. I had a stiff thumb for many years and suddenly one day it was no longer stiff.
  3. Have you ever heard of E-Rate? Most people have not but I manage this process as a consultant
  4. Cooking no longer brings me joy, though I love to eat.
  5. If I had the time, I would be a seamstress.
  6. The creative side of me remains dormant but it has shown up in my children.
  7. Being intellectual is sexy, so I enjoy conversations around deep thoughts.
  8. Always on the hunt for a good facial moisturizer I'm currently loving Hope In a Jar by Philosophy.
  9. Both my husband and I are the shortest ones in our families.
  10. Gospel music will do it for me every time.
  11. Folks are always amazed at the intricate hairstyles I do on my daughter's hair; I love natural hair and think it's the way to go.
Here are your questions-
  1. What was your first pet? I never had my own personal pet but our family's first pet was a German shepherd named Gilda. She was named after a hurricane.
  2. Who was your favorite childhood cartoon character? Mighty Mouse.
  3. Do you prefer tea or coffee? Tea all day!!!
  4. Where did you last vacation? Nassau, Bahamas and Jamaica.
  5. What is your all time favorite movie and why? An Officer and a Gentleman; it's when I first swooned over Richard Gere.
  6. What was your worst recipe fail what was the outcome? I have many; maybe baked spaghetti - the texture was really crunchy.
  7. What is your favorite recreational activity? Running/jogging.
  8. How do you get dressed both socks, then both shoes or sock, shoe, sock, shoe? Both socks then both shoes but I do not know the significance of this.
  9. Have you traveled internationally? Where? The Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua, Dominica
  10. Who did you last visit? Running buddy for a run this morning.
  11. What is a necessary luxury in your dream home? A bidet; or heated floors.

Unfortunately, I do not have 11 other bloggers to nominate so I accept this award in the spirit in which I was nominated.  Thanks so much.

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