Tuesday, February 25, 2014

25 on 25 - Romance is NOT Dead!

After 25 years, anything can get stale and romance is no exception.  As young newlyweds we could NOT be a part from each other - it was the farthest thing from either of our minds.

There was a time when we were visiting an aunt, and we were sitting so close to each other on the sofa you would've thought the other part was dirty.  Even she made a cute comment.

Any how life happens. Frequencies change. Bodies morph in to shapeless blobs (or not). Perspectives change.

We're working hard, having children, and juggling all of our responsibilities.

One of the beautiful things about a long marriage is that no matter what, you have each other and you know how to make each other smile, or put a twinkle in the eye.

But sometimes it feels like you should try something new.

So there was one time when we were both trying to up our romance game and we went to a popular marriage site.  My husband tried buying flowers for me once a week, and while I appreciated the gesture I told him he didn't have to do it anymore - I knew he loved me. He was doing it because he thought it would make me happy.  I was happy but the flowers weren't making me happier and it became a waste.
I also tried making a candlelight dinner at a popular romantic's suggestion.  I did that ONCE - maybe I should do it again.

If it feels forced, it takes away the romance factor.  So for us it's the little things - cooking a special meal because someone likes it, buying dinner because I'm too tired, doing the dishes, telling a joke and the other laughing, having an inside joke, a special look shared just by the two of us, hugging in the parking lot.

Because when you get right down to it, we may be old but we are not cold!!!!
That's us!


  1. Romance is dead for those who allow it to die. For the rest of us, it remains both alive and well!

  2. Nice post! Love manifests itself in so many different ways. After a while it may not be traditional romantic gestures. It may just be the caring for the other's needs on a day to day basis. I love when people are in love!

  3. i love reading your posts about marriage..it reminds me that love is a beautiful thing...we are celebrating 3 years next month and i can't wait to get to 4, 5 all the way to 25 and beyond...i can't even imagine all the lessons and love we are going to experience along the way!!

  4. I love this post so much! I don't have anything to add because you truly said it all. You are a true inspiration for those of us (me) who haven't been married nearly as long!

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