Monday, June 20, 2016

Random Thoughts

We had a deadline at work recently. Riddle me this - if everyone knows a deadline is coming months in advance, why do we wait until the last minute to get everything done? Since my completion now depends on your schedule, the one that's filled with panic - my output is now in a panic driven schedule vs a realistic one. I really don't understand this at all. I prefer to approach deadlines like this: "I love deadlines, I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” - Douglas Adams

My body is transitioning - as I approach the half-century mark sometimes I'm amazed and sometimes I'm saddened. It's amazing what the body can do - I can still run, move, lift weights and apparently could pass for someone half my age.  However, these hormones...these hormones! I can see how they can drive a sane person mad.  May they stabilize soon.

Crossroads - the way my life looks today is not what I anticipated it would look like. Well, that sounds worse than it actually is. I am so happy with my children and the people that they are. I revel in the fact that we can have conversations, real conversations. I'm glad that I'm on the other side of parenthood where I'm no longer responsible for molding and shaping but am now able to see the results of what was poured into our children.  I have a daughter that lives out of state who has no qualms about calling me in the middle of the day to ask me the most random and inane questions. Love this! I have two adult children who are still at home but we are traversing this new path with more success than failure. And in the mix is the Little One, who is now 13. Some days my life feels like a TV sitcom where we all have fun together.

My husband is a great father to our children in that he has strong principles that are the foundation of his life and he has been able to pass these on to our children. My husband loves to talk and he has no greater joy than talking with his children and hearing their thoughts. But he too is learning that we've raised some pretty well-adjusted adults and they don't always need advice, just a listening ear.

So perhaps I never expected these outcomes, but I'll take them. What I will say about what I thought my life would look like is simply this - some dreams just have not come true as yet.

When I read the newspaper and see the things that happen, sometimes all I can say is, "There but for the grace of God." Because I honestly don't know why some children end up in cages at zoos, or why some are eaten by alligators or why some are shot. I'll never know why things happen the way they do and I'll never know why we were spared from certain things.

We're all living in this world trying to make it through. Everyone knows you can't do this thing called life alone. It starts with a village but it doesn't end there. Trust in someone bigger than you so you can have the peace and the wisdom to traverse this life successfully no matter what comes your way. Trust in God.

Search for the Lord and for his strength; continually seek him. 1 Chronicles 16:11 [NLT]

Curious to know, what's happening with you?

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