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Women of the Word - Khristi Adams

The next installment in this series is Khristi Adams, who was introduced to my by my daughter who also contributes to this blog. Khristi is a young woman whose youth does not deter her from having a heart and passion for serving the Lord in the capacity as a speaker, student, youth advocate and author.
Khristi Adams

1. As someone who studies the Bible, what are your favorite tools and resources?
KA: Outside of the Bible, A Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry Commentary (even though it is an old English format) and NT Wright Commentary. Online, I rely on Bible Gateway and of course Google; but I'm a big believer in checking and verifying all my sources.

2. Old Testament, New Testament or both?
KA: Both though I probably lean more towards the Gospel - Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. The Old Testament provides better narratives which are easier to preach and the New Testament reinforces. I like the real examples of the Old Testament combined with New Testament theology.

3. Why do you study the Bible? What was your initial motivation?
KA: I grew up in church and was involved in Youth Ministry. When I went away to college, I didn't have the safety of the church so I was forced to learn the Word for myself because I wanted to grow spiritually and learn about God. Now I study the Bible more for practical application. Your perspective can change over time, so as I speak I always ask, "How can this be applied to my life? How can this be applied to someone's life?"

4. How does inspiration work for you? How do you know that what you're writing or understanding is as if God is moving the pen and you're just the vehicle?
KA: I share knowing that I am not always the expert, but I'm being transparent and allowing God to work through me in whatever way He sees fit. It keeps me humble. I get a sense that something is happening and just let go of everything that's happening around me. Inspiration is easier to assess when preaching due to the immediate response of the audience.

5. How do you handle complex topics that may not align with popular views? (Can you give an example?)
KA: First, I make sure I'm clear on what I believe. Second, I'm confident in my "I don't know" especially as it relates to God's Word. As an example, women in ministry is a hotly debated topic. I know I've been called to minister to others as a woman. Many don't think the Bible can be sacred and contextual. Patriarchal culture is considered contextual, yet in context throughout the Bible, women ministered. Jesus was a part of the day's culture, yet he transcended culture. I use these thoughts to guide me.

6. When confronted by the truth of scripture, even for difficult topics, how does it re-orient you?
I focus on conviction vs. condemnation. Once convicted by God's word, my actions are very clear - repentance and changed ways.

7. Tell us a little bit about yourself, current projects you are working on and where you can be found.
I can be found online at Khristi is an Author, Speaker, Youth Advocate, Filmmaker & Playwright. She is the author of the book “The Misinterpreted Gospel of Singleness: a cultural critique of myths surrounding singleness in the Christian community.” Khristi is ordained with American Baptist Churches USA. She is currently an Associate Pastor of Pastoral Affairs at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens. Khristi is a graduate of Temple University with a degree in Advertising and a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary where she obtained a Master of Divinity degree. Khristi is writer and director of the stage plays, God & Country, The Herstory Exhibitions and Yesterday I Died.She has done cross-cultural work in Ghana, West Africa; Kingston, Jamaica & Mexico working with churches, schools, prisons and community groups. She recently joined the Board of Directors for “Word Made Flesh,” a non-profit organization existing to serve among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor. Khristi is a Pastoral Counselor at Christian Wellness Center in Somerset, NJ & a featured writer on Huffington Post Religion, Off the Page (of Our Daily Bread) and several other online publications. In the Fall of 2017, Khristi will begin a Ph.D. program in Organizational Leadership at Eastern University.

8. How do you deal with discouragement and doubt? (Bonus question)
 I'm Surrounded by wise counselors i.e. I speak with my counselor/therapist as needed. In addition, I have people in my life that I can be vulnerable with and who keep me accountable. I try to take regular time for myself.


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  1. Love hearing about other women in ministry and serving God's kingdom here on earth, today! {Vising from #MomentsOfHope where we're neighbors this week.}

  2. What wonderful advice and such a powerful story, Khristi. You serve the Lord with gladness...I can sense that. Thank you for sharing all of this with us and grateful you are my neighbor at God-Sized Dreams.

  3. Love this "I share knowing that I am not always the expert, but I'm being transparent and allowing God to work through me in whatever way He sees fit. It keeps me humble." Just beautiful. And I love your thoughts on women in ministry. Amen to that. It's good to meet you, Khristi, and thanks for hosting the interview, Nylse! :)

  4. Thank you for this post. Dealing with discouragement and doubt is a great take home for Me

  5. I enjoyed meeting you, Khristi! It’s always encouraging to hear young women who are on fire for the Lord and aren’t afraid to use their gifts. Keep preaching and teaching and growing!

  6. Great series, Nylse! It was nice to meet Khristi and learn more about her and her ministry. Have a blessed week!

  7. It's such a blessing to hear about young women who are excited and serious about studying God's Word and walking it out! Thanks for sharing Khristi's story.


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