Monday, March 11, 2024

Disconnected: My Journey Through the Abyss of Losing My Phone

I pride myself on always keeping my phone. My phone is the keeper of information for me and my family. It acts like Grand Central Station, providing direction for multiple locations/people.

Late Friday evening, we decided to go out to dinner. I quickly changed, grabbed my phone, and headed to the car. Our first stop was at a restaurant closing in thirty minutes, so the kitchen was already closed. Bummer.

I misplaced my phone somewhere between leaving and walking back to the car. Of course, thinking I had my phone, I didn't realize my loss until an hour later.

At first, I panicked. I pulled everything out of my pocketbook, wondering where my phone could be hiding in this relatively small purse. It had never done this before, so I wonder why it would choose to do so now. After we came home, I retraced my steps. I removed the sofa cushions, looked under the couch, and even looked in the fridge (just in case I was losing it). As an aside, I kept trying to speak positively to myself, telling myself I was not crazy. After spinning my wheels for another thirty minutes, we drove back to the restaurant, thinking maybe it was in the parking lot.

At the same time, I had the brilliant idea of asking my daughters to tell me where "I" was since we shared locations. Lo and behold, it was at the restaurant! But was it in the parking lot? Who knows? So we made our way over there. We spent some time driving around the parking lot in the rain, hoping against hope that it would be outside. No such luck. Thank God!

At this point, I realized my phone was stationary, and I'd have to return tomorrow to fetch it. And so I started to settle down.

I woke up this morning, and there was something different. My quiet time was more peaceful. I spent significant time with God being still and letting the stillness envelop me. I didn't have itchy fingers picking up the phone every five minutes to check notifications. I was not distracted by my phone, and, dare I say, I loved it. In the short time my phone was missing, I also noticed I was more present - for conversation and others.

Now, I'm trying to figure out how to live without my phone or not be so dependent on my phone.
I already do certain things to minimize distractions - only necessary apps, no notifications, phone on vibrate but clearly, I will have to take this up a notch.

I don't know the long-term solution, but we need to get to a place where we're not so connected to a device. Interestingly, one guiding thought this year as I fasted was that I wanted to be attuned to God like I am to my phone. When my phone dings, I immediately run to view it. I want to hear when God is dinging me so I can be responsive. Additionally, I want to give those around me my undivided attention and clear my brain of the unnecessary clutter my phone brings.

Prayer - Dear God, nothing is too mundane to bring before you. I'm grateful for your peace, which provides calmness in the midst of life's storms. Storms vary, but your peace does not. So, even as I traversed the journey of losing my phone, I recognized your peace and presence. Lord, provide wisdom as I move forward and learn how to manage my time and devices in a way that's not detrimental. As I draw closer to you, you will draw near (James 4:8) and provide a much-needed heavenly perspective. For this, I am grateful. Amen.

It was an interesting time to lose a phone, but what a journey.


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  1. I hear you. It is something how we become so attached to our phones. I once left home and forgot my cellphone. I actually felt naked. I kept reaching for my phone and realized it was not there.

  2. Amen to this! It's sad to see everyone obsessively taking photos or scrolling when they should be in the moment. I consciously spend less time with my phone now. Conversation and other activities are more important. Thanks for linking!

  3. You are so right here Nelsie. I think taking time to unplug and reset our time with Jesus is so important.
    Thanks so very much for sharing this with Sweet Tea & Friends this month dear friend.


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