Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interesting Times

On Friday 3/11 Japan endured a devastating earthquake and tsunami, killing thousands. This tsunami, spawned a tsunami alert in Southern California and this is what I woke up to on Friday morning. In SoCal it turned out to be a non-event but up North there was some damage.

Ultimately, I decided to stay home since the tsunami alert affected the area where I work. I am of the mindset, better safe than sorry when it comes to natural disasters and their warnings. So I turned the TV on and was struck by the images of devastation on the screen. I was also struck by the nonchalance people exhibited on our side of the world regarding the tsunami warning - some surfed as usual and hoped nothing would happen, and some treated it as a learning activity and took themselves and their young babies out to watch a tsunami if it occurred. One individual was taking pictures when the tsunami struck up north and he was washed away. I don't know if he was ever found. This boggles the mind!

Another reflection of the times we live in is the recession. It has affected everyone in each state. This op-ed article in the LA Times talks about how the writer has become a happier person since the recession. The irony for me is that the lifestyle changes that she mentions is how I have always lived. I take nothing for granted and try to be a good steward with what I've been entrusted. Perhaps for many people, happiness depends on possessions; for me, not so much.

We are living in interesting times, indeed. Matthew 24 provides a great description of events that are likened to our times. I encourage everyone to know where they're going when they die - heaven or hell. Don't just live as if today is your last day - death is inevitable; be wise about your choices; acknowledge that there is a God; the Lord reigns.
You can have eternal life or eternal death - but either way it will be eternal.

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