Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I recently attended a professional soccer game. Most of the fans in the stadium were cheering for the home team. Soccer is a low scoring game so when a goal is scored there's a huge roar in the stadium and everyone cheers. I was so surprised to find myself jumping up and high fiving anyone around me when a goal was scored. It was such fun!

The happiness in the stadium when a goal is scored made me think about what happens when a person comes to Christ. Luke 15 is considered the Lost chapter because it contains parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the prodigal (lost) son. We are all lost until we return to the Father and when we do, the angels rejoice. Heavenly beings rejoice when you have found your way to the Father. There's no earthly measure that can compare to the sound of angels rejoicing, but just imagine a soccer stadium. Can you imaginge what the angels sound like? It's all for YOU. God is patient, He's waiting for you and does not want anyone to perish.

Do you know my Jesus? Would you like to know him?


  1. I do know Him. My oldest son knows Him too, but walked away from all things good and became lost 5 years ago. We and the angels will sing and rejoice and dance when he returns all the way!
    Thank you for reminding me what a day of rejoicing that will be. . .I can't wait!

  2. real kiss here...kiss me back........

  3. What a great analogy! I love how you put it into perspective, absolutely beautiful!
    And, yes I know my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I can't even walk without him holding my hand.....!


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