Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Generations

I'm sitting here watching my parents in the kitchen baking "Sweet Bread" a coconut filled dessert from Barbados.
It's quite funny to watch as for all my life when I was at home my mom was the baker and made the best sweet bread.  Since my dad retired he's taken up a new hobby - baking and now he's the expert.  It's quite funny listening to the interactions between them in the kitchen.

Last night they made my dad's version, tonight my mom is doing hers.

My little one commented, "Grandpa really knows how to bake!"  I don't know how that went over with my mom, but she knows how to bake also.

In any event, we are the beneficiary of all of this wonderful baking and plan to enjoy it - I'll just work out harder!

If you're curious - here's a recipe.

I'm glad my parents got a chance to visit and spend time with us.

Do your parents have any special recipes that they share with you?


  1. What a blessing to have that time with family! And I love the good food memories...thanks for the recipe.


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