Monday, January 2, 2012


Not all compromise is bad - for example if my husband and I are undecided in our choice of movie for a date night, he may compromise and see a chick flick because he knows it would make me happy, even though he would rather see an action flick.

However, compromising on our core spiritual values will not have the same beneficial effects. To illustrate, let's look at Daniel and his three friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Daniel 1.  For three years, Daniel and his friends were in training, being indoctrinated by King Nebuchadnezzar.
They were 4 areas were Daniel and his friends were challenged, and in one of them he did not compromise (v 4-8):

  1. Their language was changed  - they learned a new language.
  2. They served King Nebuchadnezzar - Nebuchadnezzar was considered a political genius of his time so this became beneficial to Daniel in the long run.  This is similar to working in Corporate America and learning the ins and outs so that you can eventually branch out on your own.
  3. Their names were changed - They accepted their new and it's how we commonly refer to them.
  4. Eat the king's meat - this seems like the easiest thing on the list, but this is where they would not compromise. Apparently in ancient times, food was sacrificed to false gods before it was eaten by the Babylonians. To Daniel and his friends this would be akin to worshipping false gods, or serving another god besides the true God. So on this point they said no.

This no was not easy, but very hard and potentially life threatening. Instead Daniel suggested that they would eat vegetables and drink water for ten days. In the compromise, they had favor with the official who handled the food (v 9). God intervened.

At the end of ten days here's what happened:

  • They received knowledge and wisdom - they were 10x better than all the king's magicians.
  • Daniel was blessed with the ability to understand visions and dreams
  • They were elevated to a position of power
  • Daniel was granted long life
  • In addition they were fitter and stronger than the men who had eaten the kings meat. Eating vegetables and water for 10 days will not build up muscle and make you bigger - it was a supernatural intervention.

Many people resolve to be different or better at the start of the new year. We're well intentioned and, this time we won't fail. But what happens? If we say we're going to lose weight we start off well and eventually we compromise the foods we're eating and before we know it we're back at square one.

As Christians, we sometimes compromise the core values of our faith. God loves me and He died for me but He's not serious about me not gossiping, lying, fornicating, sowing strife, being involved with an unbeliever in serious dating relationship, or a host of things that we think are harmless but really aren't, is He?

Don't compromise on the core values of your faith; be like Daniel and his friends who became ten times better than all the learned men. This didn't happen over night; it took three years, but it was worth it.

What areas will you choose not to compromise in? Do you know the core values of your faith? How will you strengthen your faith this year?

PS - my pastor taught this message on Sunday and I had to share it with you as it really blessed and challenged me.


  1. Great message! I think I can strengthen my faith by studying my bible and spending more time listening for God to speak. Sometimes I try to do things on my own.

  2. Great message! I just had a friend ask me to join her in a Daniel Fast...maybe this is not a coincidence that I am reading more about Daniel here today!

  3. Well said and it good to see that you were listening! :) We are walking the hard road together to serve our great and good God!


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