Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm A Good Person!

Today, you hear the expression "I'm a good person" so often, one would think that this should be the pinnacle of our existence.  Oftentimes this statement is said with awe, deep respect, reverence and most recently as a means of self-justification.

Many may wonder:

  • I'm a good person - isn't that good enough?
  • Don't good people go to heaven?
  • Why isn't it sufficient to be good, why do I have to believe in God and commit to Him?

Doing good does not relieve you of your need for God.  Our good works don't save us; they don't equate to salvation - 1 John 1:8-10

If going to heaven matters to you - your goodness will not get you there - Romans 3:23.

Many who call themselves good are not good all the time, but are well-intentioned.  They mean well - they have some sort of scale where they think that if their good deeds outweigh the bad then they're good! Unfortunately, according to the Bible it does not work this way. If this were the case, everyone who leaves this life and moves on to the next would be going one place - heaven, and there would be no need for the other place - hell.

These are some verses that outline how salvation works:
1 John 5:11-12, Romans 5:8, Titus 3: 5-7.

Heaven is reserved for believers - those who believe in Christ,and acknowledge Him as Lord. What happens next is up to the individual. If you wish to live the way Christ intended you spend alot of time reading the Bible for instruction and guidance, you pray because the Holy Spirit is now in you and you can commune with God, and with God's help you try to do what he wants. Even though you may fail, it starts with the heart. The Bible tells each of us to work out our own salvation - Philippians 2: 12,13.

I recently saw the movie Courageous. There's a scene in this movie that provides a great explanation of why our good deeds won't get us in to heaven while providing a succinct explanation of salvation.

I am not a good person, but God has redeemed me and now I am brand new. If you're relying solely on your good deeds to redeem you, you are hanging on to a fallacy.  I choose to believe the Bible and this is what it says.

What about you - are you a good person? Do you want to know a better way?

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