Sunday, March 4, 2012


My little one is sick with a fever and I have no idea why - none.  Without any warning, this fever has overtaken her body for the past 3 days.  She's lethargic, sluggish, and hot.  I'm keeping her hydrated while giving her medicine to break the fever.I usually give a fever 3 days before I run to the doctor; I'm hoping it breaks today - if not I'll be at the doctor bright and early tomorrow.

I find hymns to be so comforting when I'm dealing with anything - so my classic hymns CD has been on rotation this morning.

Two songs have ministered to me today - What A Friend We Have in Jesus and

O Perfect Love (the congregation sang this at our wedding - (I'm such an old soul!)); Below are the words:

O Perfect Love Hymn

O perfect Love, all human thought transcending,
Lowly we kneel in prayer before Thy throne,
That theirs may be the love which knows no ending,
Whom Thou forevermore dost join in one.

O perfect Life, be Thou their full assurance,
Of tender charity and steadfast faith,
Of patient hope and quiet, brave endurance,
With childlike trust that fears nor pain nor death.

Grant them the joy which brightens earthly sorrow;
Grant them the peace which calms all earthly strife,
And to life’s day the glorious unknown morrow
That dawns upon eternal love and life.

Hear us, O Father, gracious and forgiving,
Through Jesus Christ, Thy coeternal Word,
Who, with the Holy Ghost, by all things living
Now and to endless ages art adored.

Keep me in your thoughts, won't you.  Thanks! What's your favorite hymn?


  1. Maybe this will answer your question. . .Remember, JESUS PAID IT ALL, AT THE CROSS, THE OLD RUGGED CROSS, We have been WASHED IN THE BLOOD, and can now say I AM THINE, O LORD. We are leaning on the EVERLASTING ARMS and BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES. We believers can gather together and sing, WHEN WE ALL GET TO HEAVEN, what a day of rejoicing that will be! :)

    Praying for your daughters fever to break! And praying for you too Momma!

  2. I hope that your daughter is feeling better. It is tough when they don't feel good. Oh how I love Jesus, is just one of many that I love.

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