Monday, March 12, 2012

MORE - Sharing My Faith

How do you share your faith?
Is your faith important enough to share?

I know for me, my faith is too good not to share; it's like finding a designer dress on sale for a ridiculously cheap price and wanting to tell everyone within ear shot.  My faith in Christ is that good!

However, sometimes I struggle with the how of sharing my faith and perhaps you do also.
Today we live in a cliche, feel good culture - if you're on the Internet or social media every other person is quoting a Bible verse or declaring something in the name of the Lord.  While I have no problem with people sharing over the Internet, it doesn't seem to add up.  If there are so many Christians out there, we should be turning the world upside down, instead as Christians we seem to have lost our way.

There are two scenarios when it comes to sharing:
By the time you share your faith, its a culmination of many actions and your hearers genuinely are curious about your intentions, motivations and heart.  Because of who you are and how you live, it's something to be coveted.

The other scenario is once you share your faith - all eyes are on you.  They don't know you, but now they're curious about you. They're trying to figure out if your actions are consistent with your beliefs.  So many times these two don't line up, which is why many people are turned off by those who call themselves Christians.

I worked with a young lady who brought her Bible to work daily and was always quoting scripture.  She only wore skirts and was modest in her appearance. It was a high pressured environment and I even remember having a conversation with my manager alluding to the fact that she brings her Bible to work with her so we should be all right.  He warily agreed with me.  Unfortunately, he was right about his reservations of her because in the long run she turned out to be one of the worse employees we'd ever had.  She was unreliable, lazy, and belligerent. I learned from that experience that just because you can quote it, doesn't mean you live it.  All of the Word applies to you, not just the parts you think are easy to follow.

I share my faith by my actions, by how I live, prayerfully and with knowledge. I never know when opportunities may arise, so I'm prepared by cultivating daily quiet time that's just me and the Lord. Sometimes I'm caught off guard, but that doesn't deter me. Sharing doesn't mean that everyone will be converted; it's simply telling and displaying something you have. I am encouraged by many verses, this being one of them: Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.  Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Matthew 7:20-21

It's not sufficient to talk it, you've got to live it.  Living it will produce natural opportunities to share. Bloom where you are planted - share.

How do you share your faith? Is it important to you?  Are "Christians" your best or worse employees (contractors, etc)? 


  1. My prayer is that others will see Him in me as I go about my daily life. We have seen our share of flaky Christians during our time in ministry and on the mission field. I believe that God wants us to live lives of integrity. That kind of life speaks volumes to those around us!

    Great post...thanks for making me think!

  2. The author has done a fine job of converting the feelings into words.
    Jesus resurrected


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