Friday, March 23, 2012


Conversations make life sweeter; good conversations with friends enrich us; great conversations with good friends are priceless.

Out of the blue, I received a phone call from someone I befriended at last year's Harvest Crusade. The experience was not what I expected and I went home deflated.  I signed up to be an usher and because we were working together, L and I exchanged cell phone numbers.  When I left after working my shift, I didn't even say goodbye - I just left.
Yesterday my cell phone rang and it was L.  She left a message so I called her back.  She needed someone to talk to as her husband of ten years decided that he wanted to be with another woman. She went through all of the emotions that would accompany such a decision and now was finally at a place where she was making peace with it and adjusting to her new reality. I felt good that she called me, prayed with her (as I didn't know what else to do) and then listened as she talked.  She just needed to talk - she talked about her father, her mother, her ex-husband, intimacy, her cats - she talked, I listened. I hope my words were like apples of gold in settings of silver.

Good conversations
Do you have friends in your life, who you don't speak to on a daily basis, but when you do speak with them it's like yesterday?
Having moved to the West Coast, I've learned the value of friendships. I spoke with my family babysitter who is a good friend - we reminisced and caught up and then she said, "Your good deeds won't go unrewarded." To provide some context we had both shared how, at various times we had gone the extra mile for people in our lives and it was not acknowledged.  We both mentioned how that unacknowledged feeling sometimes leaves you feeling hurt and then she provided her encouragement. Her words were like apples of gold in settings of silver.
In another conversation with another friend, somehow we ended up sharing our bucket lists.  Mine was to wear a bright yellow bikini, with my 60s Afro while on a beach on vacation.  We both burst out laughing!!!

Great conversations
As I'm typing this, I'm talking to my husband about things only a husband and wife could talk about.  After 23 years this Sunday, some things do get easier and more pleasant.
Talking with God produces some great conversations and some great results, also. - His words are always perfect.

Have you had any conversations lately? Did some one reconnect with you out of the blue? Do you have conversations with God?


  1. I enjoy conversations with old friends. Sometimes their presence it actually enough to make it all better. For example, I recently saw a friend at an event that I had not seen in years. We hugged and it felt so good. It was like all the positive energy just came back to life.
    Yes, I have conversations with God. But I have to admit sometimes I get so overwhelmed I can't find the words. I know God knows my heart and I just have to leave it at that some days.

  2. I love connecting with folks that I don't talk to regularly. And with all, we are able to pick up the convo as if not a day has passed. I don't have conversations with God, but I do read my daily affirmations and pray.


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