Monday, October 23, 2017

The Sound of New Beginnings

As a little girl in the Caribbean, I never experienced the distinctive beauty of four seasons. So in my fertile imagination as an avid reader, I imagined what each season was like and how I would experience it if given a chance. When my family moved to New York in the spring of 1978, with its promise of new beginnings came my opportunity to confirm my thoughts about the seasons.

When we emigrated, there was nothing spring-like about that time of year except the calendar, since New York had recently experienced one of the worst snowstorms in its history. I distinctly remember the cold, being woefully underdressed and ultimately frostbitten. I saw other kids playing outside at recess though there were piles of melting snow around the playground and instantly decided that spring was not what I envisioned and therefore it was not for me.
But as I got acclimated to my surroundings, I slowly but surely came to enjoy the beauty of autumn.

There were many evenings as I walked home from school down a long city block that I took great pleasure in strutting through piles of brown leaves......Join me over at (in) to read the rest of this post.

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  1. This one was wonderful!!! I came back here to comment because there were so many on the other site:) Abscission...a new word for me! This is the best blog I've read from you so far--the imagery was beautiful and the spiritual implication, powerful. I'm so glad you shared it to #GritUp this week. What a gift!


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