Friday, October 20, 2017

10 Most Popular Christian Hymns (and Why We Love Them)

I love hymns. The lyrics usually minister to my soul, the melodies are moving, and the repetition – verse chorus, verse chorus, verse, chorus or a slight variation of this theme are soothing. There’s a solemnity and dedication that underlies most hymns that makes me pause as they usually bring me to a place of introspection and reflection on life and what it means to serve a big God no matter what life throws at me. In this day and age, you might be made to feel that hymns are for old folks, but that’s not true.

They are many who are young at heart and some who are young that have an affinity for hymns. Read the rest over at


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  1. It's a coincidence that yesterday I wrote an essay for lulubookreview about Christian hymns. It's the topic that interests me a lot, as I'm singing in a choir currently.


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