Saturday, January 1, 2022

Am I Too Old?

Have you ever played Bananagrams? It's a fun word game of chance where the object is to be the first to use all your letters. There are 144 letters on tiles (similar to Scrabble tiles). 
Each person draws twenty-one tiles from the BUNCH. To start the game, someone yells SPLIT.
Then each person individually turns over their tiles and forms words. They can be vertical and horizontal (again, similar to Scrabble).  You may rearrange your grid at any time and as often as you like. Once a player has used all of their tiles to form words she yells PEEL and grabs another tile from the BUNCH. She uses this tile to create another word to add to their existing words.
At any time during the game, you may call out “DUMP!” and put one of your letters back, facedown in the BUNCH. However, you MUST take three more tiles in exchange.
You keep doing this until no more tiles are left in the BUNCH. The first person to use all of their tiles creating words yells BANANAS.

If you're like me, sometimes life feels bananas, like we're all in a game of Bananagrams. Sometimes the letters we pick allow us to form words, shift and create new words with ease. We're winning and crushing our goals. Other times, no matter which letters we get, nothing connects, and we're making words all over the place, and we just can't seem to get rid of our letters. When we dump, we still can't work with what we have, and it looks like everybody else is winning. 

I've experienced both scenarios in the past year - winning and floundering. My children all left the nest and I'm at crossroads in my life personally and professionally. I never imagined my life at this stage! 

It seems that as we turn the page into another year, the opportunity to reflect is greater. I appreciate reflection and try to do it often. Sometimes when we reflect, instead of feeling energized, we are deflated. We focus on our mishaps, missteps, and mistakes spiraling into regret and despair. 

That’s not the purpose of reflection. Instead, rehearse and prepare. See God's hand in every instance. Know that God is with you and you’re still faithful, that you can PEEL or DUMP when it makes sense for you.

When the years pass, we tend to think of our age and feel our best years are behind us. But what if they’re ahead? What if our latter is greater than our beginning (Job 42:12)? What if we are like Caleb who had a different spirit and trusted God wholeheartedly (Numbers 14:24)? At 85 he was strong and able to claim what God promised him. 

What I've learned as I played Bananagrams is that some hands are better than some. Some years are better than others, and we don't control the good or bad years. We work with what we have. We form words, connect, and climb mountains whether we're 55 or 85. We trust God wholeheartedly and keep moving ahead. 

Being able to yell BANANAS feels excellent. Claiming your mountain also feels great. Don't quit. Fuel your faith with God and never give up hope. You're only too old when you're no longer here. 


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  1. I love your analogy that sometimes we are dealt a hand that makes sense (the letters easily fit into words). But other times, we meet less-than-desirable situations. We must make the best of the hand we're dealt.

  2. Food for thought. Thanks for sharing.


  3. A positive way of looking at things. I will use your quotes with my mother who often thinks at 89 that she has nothing to look forward to. Thanks for linking.

  4. I'm often amazed how a weekly theme runs through the blogging community. Aging should never be a reason to "retire" from our assigned task.

  5. Life is bananas at times but God! And I believe we can be more fruitful as we age in the Lord ��
    Great analogy.
    Bless you,

  6. My husband and I played Bananagrams just an hour ago. :) I won the first game; he won the second. I appreciate the way you apply this to life; I'll think about it from that perspective now too.

  7. What a fresh perspective. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.
    Visiting from Let's Have Coffee #8&9

  8. I love this question: But what if they’re ahead?

    Too often we pine for the "good old days." To be honest, I don't want to go back. I just want to keep moving forward on the path the Lord has laid before me.

  9. I really want this game! What a fun spin on scrabble! My kiddos are practically out of the nest (one in college living at home; one working, moved home to save for an engagement ring, one getting married in May + others out). I help with the grandkids; I help create family time with my husband who works - and that is an important job - yet our culture sprinkles guilt if you're not making a paycheck. I think that's the frustrating part of the "empty" nest. You are right - "we work with what we have" - and we make beauty and grace out of with God! Your post has been such a refreshing read! Thank you Nysle!~ Maryleigh

  10. I love a good game of Bananagrams and yes, I agree that life is simply bananas! More than ever we have no choice but to lean into the Lord and trust Him fully.

    So good to connect with you today ...


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