Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beam in My Eye

Literally, right now it feels as if there is a beam in my eye.
It looks like it may be a sty, so I'm trying all my home remedies and it is still bothersome. The only time I'm not aware of it is when I have my contacts in - it almost feels as if the contact is protecting my eye.

I'm reminded of the scripture that says to examine yourself before you go pointing out the moat or little speck in someone's eye.

So perhaps this is a time of reflection for me also. This beam, reminds me to examine my life and to make sure that I'm living what I'm teaching. This beam reminds me to be authentic and also allows me to be vulnerable. This beam keeps me humble. I want the beam to go away but I want the effects of it to stay. And while I appreciate my contacts, I don't want anything in my life that gives me a false sense of who I am, making me comfortable with my faults.

What about you? Is there a beam in your eye?

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