Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yesterday, I had the opportunity of running some serious mileage outside, and it felt so good. I was running with two college athletes, who are in pretty decent shape and this mother was able to keep up!

Prior to yesterday, I ran on the treadmill, due to child care constraints. I like running and exercise is important to me, so the treadmill it was. I would put on my headphones and let my mind take me to different places as I ran. I knew I was getting better, because I was getting more mileage in and I felt stronger, however I was not sure.

Running outside, made me realize just how much improvement I had made.

Some times in our Christian walk, we do the same thing over and over again either by choice or necessity and we never really know how much we've grown. The only way to know is to put yourself in different surroundings, for example - talk to new people; participate in a new ministry; invite random people over. You won't know your progress if you never share - iron sharpens iron. Dare to take a leap of faith.

For me, I've decided to be an usher at LA Harvest. I've never done anything like this even though I've had opportunities to in the past and I'm quite excited by the opportunity.

Dare to take a leap of faith - you will recognize how far you've come and you too WILL FEEL GOOD.

What leaps of faith will you take?


  1. I have decided to apply for a position within my company that I would normally never consider. I also decided to plan my first trip abroad to Venice Italy in September.

  2. LA Harvest looks awesome! And congrats on the run. We are taking a huge leap of faith right now and God has been faithful.

  3. Two years ago I leaped right into the homeless community starting a blanket ministry. The second year's donations more than doubled, giving away over 1000 blankets. And God is opening so many doors through this. It's exciting when you leap with Him and see where it is He takes you :)


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