Friday, August 26, 2011


Yesterday, while dropping my husband to the airport we were talking, just chatting about nothing in particular. And then he told a corny joke and we were both doubled up in laughter - genuine laughter. This laughter got me thinking - sometimes we don't laugh enough or enjoy each other's company enough. Sometimes we take each other for granted, because we're so close to each other.

It's good after 22 years to be able to laugh with each other. I heard someone say - the longer you're in a marriage the better it gets. To this I would add, if you're married to the right person and you're both willing to work at it.

This laughter can be removed from other important relationships in our lives also.

So this weekend, I encourage you to enjoy your time worshipping the Lord; he appreciates our laughter and our praise.

Have you laughed today?


  1. I have not laughed at all today unfortunately. But, now I'm inspired to hit the Red Box, get a corny movie and spend some quality time with my hubby laughing and eating popcorn. It's been a stressful work weak for both of us so we really do need this. Thanks for the reminder. ;)

  2. I make sure that I get in a laugh every single day! I just have to! And my husband accounts for at least 50% of my laughter. That man is silly!! I totally agree with you about being married to the right person and everyone is committed to working. :)


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