Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Master, Say On

This is what Simon (the Pharisee) said to Jesus, after a series of events.

Simon invited Jesus over to his house for dinner and Jesus accepted the invitation.  While at  dinner, a woman of questionable character knew that He was there. She knew who Jesus was and because He was at a Pharisee's house, probably felt that she could attend also. Also, back then as was the custom, you didn't need a  formal invite for dinner. She came penitent, and washed his feet with her tears and the perfume in her alabaster box.

Simon observed this and thought, why would Jesus have this woman wash his feet?
Jesus, knowing his thoughts, said, "I have something to say to you." Simon said, "Master, say on."

Jesus spoke a parable and explained why he didn't reject the woman.  We don't know what Simon's reaction was after this, but many that were at dinner wondered what kind of man is this that forgives sins.  I'd like to think that Simon was humbled.

If we are willing to listen and learn from the Master, we would reap huge benefit. In this woman's case, her sins were forgiven, Simon was enlightened, and others marvelled at his claims.

When the Lord wishes to speak with us, do we say, "Say on" or do we ignore it? Do we have a teachable spirit? Do we acknowledge his Lordship? Simon called Him Master. 
Also notice, Jesus was gentle and inviting in his approach. Are we that way when we minister to others?

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