Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Christians Have Issues Too

Yes believe it or not, Christians don't have perfect lives and we're not all sanctimonious or pious - well I can only speak for myself.  The difference between Christians and others is our responses to situations we encounter along the way.  Remember, in this world we will have tribulations....

The Boy (what I affectionately call my son)  called my husband's cell phone recently at an odd hour for him (my son).  We're on the west coast so he was calling well past midnight his time.  My husband answered, and after speaking with him for five seconds, asks - "Are you on drugs?"  My husband looks at me, but keeps talking to The Boy.  He says, "He doesn't sound like himself."  I said, "give me the phone," since I feel I'm more in tune with these things.  He gives me the phone.  As I'm talking to The Boy he sounds like he's 5.  He's start blabbering all manner of nonsense! (Something about the mayor...)  He said he was home, so I ended the conversation.

I called him this morning and asked,  "what happened last night?"  According to him, "He was in a celebratory mood and had imbibed a bit too much...tried a new type of liquor, etc...and didn't know why he would call us in that state."  You see, after 5 long years he's graduating from college. That's something worth celebrating but not by getting drunk.

There are many ways we could have responded: we could've said he's young and that's what young people do, we could've said it's not a big deal, we could've been angry, we could've laughed - there are any number of reactions.

This morning when I spoke to The Boy - he apologized.  My husband spoke with him later, admonished him and told him how some things we do recklessly in our youth become our greatest burdens in adulthood.  There were other things said, for which the Boy was grateful to hear.

We once attended a function where a man said that he had one child that made him really learn how to pray.  Regardless of what they did as parents, this child was hell bent on doing things her own way and causing loads of pain for herself and her parents.  These parents realized that their best bet was to pray, and let God supernaturally do what he does. This child eventually turned herself around and was in attendance at the function.

I'm not saying my son is this way - for all children, especially when they are adults make me seek the Lord a whole lot more.  We pray  for wisdom, protection, for the right people to come in to their path, for opportunities, for doors to be shut and doors to be open.  As parents we acknowledge God in all of this and let Him do what we cannot do.

As parents we want the best for our children. Children will do things, in spite of our best efforts, (even if you're a scripture quoting God-fearing parent).

There is a verse that struck me recently - And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:15.  This verse comforts me because if we as parents ensure that our children are knowledgeable about the Word, even though they sow their wild oats, the scriptures that are embedded in them will make them wise unto salvation.  Our job is to provide the environment so that the Word gets in.

Have your children done anything "noteworthy" recently?  What do you typically do when your child does something contrary to what you would have wanted? It's OK to talk about it.  If you wish leave it in the comments and I'll say a pray for you.

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